Frim - Startup Technologies

Frim is a small development company that builds business solution software for startup ventures. The website is built using React.js, Node.js and PostgreSQL to display dynamic data. Deployed with Render, is still under development with digital products to be released in sequence.

Merit - SRMS

Merit is a comprehensive student result management system, built with Express.js, Node.js, and React.js. Please be aware that the live version of the project does not include CRUD operations or data. For a fully functional experience, feel free to clone the GitHub repository linked below.

Saturn CRM Concept

Saturn CRM, a visionary customer relationship management system in conceptual stages, represents a blend of Node.js, Express.js, and pug technologies. The development experienced challenges in establishing a robust database structure and seamless PostgreSQL connections. Saturn CRM remains actively in development.

VeggiTales e-Commerce

VeggiTales is a vibrant e-commerce platform specializing in fresh produce, developed with ASP.NET and a sprinkle of JSON magic. This dynamic site empowers users to seamlessly check out as guests or establish accounts, offering secure payment options through Stripe integration.

Spotify Music Finder!

The Spotify Music Finder! was developed using Java, JavaFX, as well as GSON and JSON libraries. The platform enables users to explore and discover music from Spotify's vast database, facilitating easy searches for tracks, albums, and artists. Note: This project is not affiliated or sponsored by Spotify.

ThetonioWP - Programming Portfolio

Thetonio is my personal portfolio, and it serves as a reflection of my skills, interests, and accomplishments as a developer. This project showcases my technical abilities and demonstrates my creativity in designing an engaging and informative online presence.

Universal Technology Framework (UTF)

Unlock the power of seamless business operations with Universal Technology Framework (UTF), your go-to business technology solutions partner. The official website ( was created using React.js and PostgreSQL, alongside other coding languages.

Lottario Lottery Simulation Game

Experience a command-line Lottario lottery simulation game coded in C++. Play multiple games, choose your numbers or let the computer pick, see your results, and decide to play again.

Alien Attack! - Single Player Shooter

"Alien Attack!" is a straightforward 2D Java game in which you pilot a spaceship, fending off incoming alien invaders from the right side of the screen. With a focus on single-player action, it offers a classic arcade-style experience of blasting your way through waves of extraterrestrial foes.

Virtual Assistant Sam - Arduino

Meet Sam, your simple yet versatile virtual assistant created using C++ on an Arduino platform. Sam can execute 10 distinct commands, from turning on a RGB light to displaying an animation, Sam's got something for you!